Players First Leadership Council

Arlington Soccer is pleased to announce the Arlington Soccer Players First Leadership Council. The leadership council is an educational program designed to give Arlington Soccer players and referees opportunities for leadership and community service while also having a voice in the future direction of the club. This program will provide our athletes meaningful and rewarding experiences by contributing to our mission and serving our community. The Players First Leadership Council will have a direct interface with the senior leadership of the club, offer a platform to share the experience of the players and help shape the future direction of the club.

The leadership council members will attend regular meetings, work on fundraisers and events and serve as ambassadors to the community. Your experience on the leadership council will provide development opportunities and the ability to interact with the senior leadership of the club. Becoming part of the leadership council is a great way to build your resume. The leadership council is open to players currently enrolled in high school (9-12th grades).

We believe that the goal of youth sports is to provide a platform to accelerate a player’s personal development and create strengths (focus, respect for others, determination, teamwork, persistence, gratitude, resiliency, and positivity) that they will carry with them for their entire life. We believe that this leadership council will help in this process.

Mission of the Arlington Soccer Players First Leadership Council The mission of the Leadership Council is to help support an athletes’ personal development and enable them to reach their full potential off the field. The leadership council members will serve as Arlington Soccer ambassadors who will develop leadership skills while engaging club families and players in making a difference in our community.

Why join the Players First Leadership Council?

• To share the voice of the players and help direct the future direction of the club

• To develop leadership, collaboration, event planning and public speaking skills, while making a significant contribution in your community

• To gain quality, organized and focused volunteer experience

• To enhance your resume and college application

• To engage and collaborate with like-minded people who share a love for the game and a love of Arlington Soccer What do Leadership Council Members do?

• Lead community outreach projects and volunteer opportunities.

• Learn to plan, market, and execute events.

• Help select and interview candidates for awards team/player of the week/month awards.

• Plan and lead leadership council meetings.

• Assist with digital media to promote Arlington Soccer events


Leadership Council Qualifications

• Applicants must be in high school (9-12th grades).

• Must be currently playing soccer or working as a referee for Arlington Soccer and have been in the club for at least one year.

• Be an enthusiastic, disciplined, team player who will lead by example and be willing to speak your mind.

• Attend meetings once a month and other “as needed” meetings.

• Be willing to serve on and participate in the following activities: Community Outreach; Alumni and Club Outreach; Event Planning; Project Management; Health, Safety and Well-being initiatives; and more.


Applications due January 10th.  Submit your application here: Arlington Soccer - Players First Leadership Council Application

If you have questions, please email