ARL DA Player Nora Green-Orset Called up Again to the Norwegian U-16 National Team

Arlington U-17 DA player Nora Green-Orset was called up to the Norwegian National Team (u16) again, this time for the European Qualifiers in the Faroe Islands.  The team will train and play over the next 11 days with games on October 17 (Faroe Islands), October 20(Azerbaijan), and October 23 (Slovenia).  

Nora started playing with the Norwegian National Team in July at the Nordic Tournament in Sweden. "At first I was nervous to join a team that had been playing together for years but I quickly became part of them, learning a new position as a center back and a different way of playing defense."  Nora scored a header goal in the final game of the tournament against the Netherlands and was awarded Player of the Match along with the keeper.

In addition to expanding her soccer knowledge and growing as a player, Nora's experience with the Norwegian team has fostered great friendships.  "It's a welcoming and inclusive team of strong players and coaches who are really supportive and team focused.  The team motto is "Stronger Together" and that's how we do everything on the field and off.  I'm lucky I have the chance to be part of it, and really grateful to my Arlington club and Coach Mo for making it possible." 

European Qualifier games will be live-streamed.  

  • 10/17 1:30 pm ET
  • 10/20 9:00 am ET
  • 10/23 9:00 am ET

(posted 10/15/19)

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