ARL Girls Travel to Holland for Friendlies Vs Dutch Clubs, and Much More

On August 6, 2019, 13 girls from Arlington Soccer went to Holland for a unique experience. The game – Arlington vs. FC Lise (Amsterdam) – was part of a series of five international friendly matches that pitted Arlington against local Dutch football clubs. In addition to the five friendly matches, the 08 Girls Red team also practiced as a team under the direction of Dutch coaches.

The girls went abroad with Arlington coaches Mo Tayari and Alexis Koppius, along with parents and family members. In addition to the practices and games, the girls also had a chance to sightsee in Amsterdam, including visiting the village of Gouda, touring the Anne Frank Museum, and taking in two professional soccer games.

Youth Director Mo Tayari commented, "The girls gained an awesome experience by playing against different styles of play in different facilities, being immersed in another culture, hearing a new language, seeing and visiting attractions, visiting museums, etc.. it was a great adventure for all the players and parents and an experience that will be remembered and talked about forever.  We are looking forward to taking another Arlington team next year."

The girls cited several highlights from the trip, including biking to and from their practice sessions, staying as a team on a small Dutch farm, as well as visiting Ajax Stadium. But perhaps what the girls enjoyed the most was the opportunity to meet the girls on the opposing Dutch teams. Although they were reticent at first, the girls quickly found common ground, enjoying Tic-Toc and lunch together after the matches.