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How to Be a Good Sports Parent


  • Encourage and support your youngster regardless of the degree of success, the level of skill, or playing time.

  • Model respect for the coach and highlight the critical nature of contributing to the team and its success.
  • Ensure a balance in your student athlete’s life, encouraging participation in multiple sports and other activities while placing academics first and foremost.
  • Recognize the developmental stages of your youngster, ensuring enjoyment, skill development and team play as cornerstones of sports experiences, with more serious competition left for the varsity level.
  • Leave coaching to coaches and avoid placing too much pressure on your youngster about playing time and performance.
  • Be realistic about your youngster’s future in sports, recognizing that only a select few earn a college scholarship, compete in the Olympics or sign a professional contract.
  • Avoid leading your youngster to early specialization, year-long play in one sport and the potential of burnout.
  • Reject “winning at all cost”.  Understand that today’s youngsters strive for excellence, compete to win, but cherish participation most while rejecting “winning at all cost.”
  • Be there when your child looks to the sidelines for a positive role model.

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