Professional Coaching

Interested in having an Arlington Soccer Association professional coach visit your team and run a training session this season? We are available to help volutneer coaches with any issues happening on their team. Regardless if you don't know how to teach a particular topic, are having trouble getting your players to listen or you just want a fresh face at practice - we are available to help. 

To take advantage of this program, please email the appropriate Director for your team's grade (listed below) with the days and times your team practices and we will put into our calendar. Easy as that! If we personally cannot attend a session, we have a staff of coaches who can come in our place.

Please note: these sessions are for coaching education only, meaning we do not like to run a session with a team if the coach is going to be out of town or unable to attend practice on that day. 

Kindergarten: Othmane Benkhallouk (
1st Grade through High School: Dan Ferguson (