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Rec Program Calendar

Arlington Soccer Association - Spring 2023 Calendar of Events for Coaches and Families

Practices: In late March/early April, players and their families will be notified by the player's coach with the day, time and field where practices will be held.  If contact has not been made by early April please contact the appropriate Club Manager found under "Clubs" on the Arlington Soccer website

Games: 1st grade through High School teams generally have seven games scheduled on Saturdays beginning in April plus one Sunday game. Saturday game start times can begin at 8:00 and run until 6:30.  Depending on the number of teams in a division, two or more Sunday afternoon games could be scheduled.  Sunday games begin at 12:15 pm. Sample game dates are posted at the end of the calendar.

Kindergarten teams in the fall follow the same calendar but sometimes the first weekend is used as a "Kinder fair" if new teams are still forming.  Saturday game start times can begin at 8:30 and run until 5:30. Depending on the number of teams in a division, one or more Sunday afternoon games could be scheduled. Sunday games begin at 12:15 pm.   Sample game dates are posted at the end of the calendar.

Rainouts: If rainouts occur, those games are automatically rescheduled on Sunday afternoons unless there is a full day of rainouts on grass fields, in which case games will be moved to the weekend in June, the rain dates. Requests will not be accepted for the automatically rescheduled rained out games. It is always a good idea to check the Arlington County inclement weather number, 703-228-4715 or the Falls Church inclement weather number, 703-248-5125, even on a sunny day when there have been recent rainy days, for field closures. 

Spring 2023 Calendar of Events for Coaches and Families                           

January: Return to Team - $102 per player (plus county fees). Players registering in January will be automatically returned to the team they were on the previous season (only). New players and those making a Special Request to change teams will be placed on teams in early/mid February based on the order in which they registered. Please note that players who did not play last season cannot be returned to their team -- they will need to make a Special Request to (re-)join the team they were previously on.

ALL players intending to play in the Rec Spring season should register in January if at all possible -- Special Requests to change teams and placement of Travel players (grades 1-4 only) are prioritized strictly on the basis of time/date registered.

February:  Return to Rec / Rec Registration Period - $112 per player (plus county fees). If you register during this period, you will be placed on a Rec team.  Returning players are not guaranteed being placed on the same team during this period. 

March 1 - end:  Waitlist / Late Registration - $122 per player (plus county fees).  If you complete your registration (including payment) during this time, you will be placed on a Waitlist and we will place you as there is room.

March 16: Coaches of teams 1st grade and above will reach out to players' families.

Late March:   Divisions published.

Late March: Coaches should know practice schedule and location.

March 26 (estimated): Practices officially start -- final date will depend on Arlington County's approval.

Early April:  Schedules will be posted on the Arlington Soccer Association website.  

March date TBD:  Free coach education, including New Coach Orientation

SAMPLE SCHEDULE FOR REC TEAMS (pending final approval from Arlington County)

  • Apr 15: Game 1
  • Apr 22-23: Game 2
  • Apr 29-30: Game 3
  • May 6-7: Game 4
  • May 13: Game 5 / SILENT SOCCER
  • May 14: Mother's Day, no games
  • May 20-21: Game 6
  • May 29: Memorial Day weekend, no games
  • June 3-4: Game 7
  • One Sunday: Game 8
  • June 10-11: Rain Date

Silent Soccer is a long-standing Arlington Soccer tradition where coaches and parents are not allowed to communicate with field players during games. This allows players to take the lead and assume field leadership roles. It is actually really fun and a great experience for kids and adults! As a great coach said, "Practice is for the coach; games are for the players."

Rec Kinder Schedule is the same except that in the fall the first weekend may be given over to a Kinder Festival. In the spring, it is the same as everyone else.


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