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30 Minute Hit

30 Minute Hit

Key Info for Parents


  • Registering your child:
    • All new players must register through the online system on www.arlingtonsoccer.com.  If your child is not registered, he/she will not play.
    • First-time registrants will need to show some confirmation for the child’s date of birth.
    • Reduced lunch fees and scholarships are available but financial aid forms must be turned in with registration.
    • All forms are available in English and Spanish on the www.arlingtonsoccer.com website.
  • What you child will need:
    • Shin-guards – These are a requirement to play and practice.  They are available at most sporting goods or soccer specialty stores (e.g., Dick’s, Sports Authority, Soccer Kicks), plus Target, K-Mart, Goodwill and other places. Also, you can frequently find them at the Lightning Cleat Exchange!
    • Water Bottle – A full water bottle should be brought to every practice and game.  The kids will need frequent water breaks during practice, especially during the warmer parts of the season.
    • Optional Items –
      • Cleats – Although good athletic shoes are fine, many kids like to wear cleats and they will help on wet fields.  I don’t recommend you spend a lot of money, as they’ll outgrow them before they’re worn out.  ALSO! Lightning usually has a pre-season cleat “exchange” – come by and grab a pair if you need one, leave a pair if you have extra. (very informal)
      • Soccer Ball –Although the coach will have team balls there’s no substitute for having one around the house for extra practice.  A #3-size soccer ball is used K to 2nd grade, size #4 3rd to 5th grade, and size #5 for 6th grade and up.  Please put your child’s name on the ball and keep it properly inflated.
  • What happens next? – After registration, players are assigned to teams and coaches.  Your child’s assigned coach should contact you within two weeks of registration.  Please be patient in the early part of the fall season as new teams are being formed for the first time in the younger age groups.  Sorting all this out, identifying coaches and getting team equipment issued takes time for new teams.  The coach will handle coordinate practice times and locations.  Games will generally be Saturdays with a total of eight games scheduled.  Game schedules will be available a week before the first game and are posted on the Arlington Soccer Association website www.arlingtonsoccer.com .  You’ll need to know your child’s age group and competitive division to determine which schedule is your team.
  • What if it’s raining? The Arlington County Inclement Weather number is 703-228-4715.  Please make a note of it and make it a habit to call before heading out to practices or games.  Even though it may not be raining at the scheduled start of an event, many times fields will be closed because they haven’t dried out sufficiently to prevent damage if played on.   Please don’t call the coaches or club manager, as we have to follow the County’s edicts!

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