Inputting Game Scores

Kinder-1st do not record scores. 2nd-3rd record scores but scores and standings aren't shown. 4th-HS record scores and scores and standings are shown..

Arlington Soccer: Team Post Match Reporting

Step 1: Log into your team Page

To log into your team page, navigate to the team page on the Arlington Soccer website.  Select the appropriate Division from the Spring 2019 Schedules page.


Click your team name:


On the right hand side of the page click the team log in button:

Click the “click here” link to retrieve your PIN to log in:

Enter the email associated with your Demosphere account and click Submit.

The system will verify you are listed as a team contact and you will receive the following confirmation message.  Click Return to Log In.


You will be sent the pin needed to log into your team page via email.  The email will be from and will look as follows:

After you click return to Log In, enter your email and the pin you received via email:



Once you log in, you will be brought to your team start page:

NOTE: Both teams should complete the Sportsmanship Reporting, however only the Home Team is responsible for reporting the score.


Click on the “Home games” link to complete the post-match report for all Home Games. Note the place to record the score:

Click on the “Away games” link to complete the post-match report for all Away  Games. Note there are no scores on the Away match reports.

Once complete, click Save at the bottom to record your responses.