Super Y Coaching Staff

The primary emphasis on all teams will be player development. Teams of similar ages will train frequently at the same time and on the same fields in order to maximize opportunities for players to gain a range of experience as well as be observed by multiple coaches.

Coaches for the 2019 season are as follows:


U15 (2005) Boys – Eddie Lima and Sam Bader
U14 (2006) Boys – Grant Smith
U13 (2007) Boys – Jawed Sanie
U12 (2008) Boys – David Camara and Lester Calliste
U11 (2009) Boys – Arbi Hammami and TJ White

U15 (2005) Girls – Gerardo Ramirez
U14 (2006) Girls – TJ White and Mo Tayari
U13 (2007) Girls – Eddie Lima and Sam Bader
U12 (2008) Girls – Alexis Koppius and Mo Tayari
U11 (2009) Girls – Alexis Koppius and Arbi Hammami