Team Information

Arlington Soccer will announce tryouts for the Super Y 2020 season in mid-December and will field the following teams:

U11 Boys/Girls – Born in 2010

U12 Boys/Girls – Born in 2009

U13 Boys/Girls – Born in 2008

U14 Boys/Girls – Born in 2007

U15 Boys/Girls – Born in 2006

NOTE: The Super Y League age groups for the 2029 season reflect the players age groups for the 2020-21 regular season, e.g. a player born in 2010 will be in the U11 age group for Super Y, not U10. Your player will automatically be placed in the proper age group based on the birth year you enter at registration.

Training/Game Schedules and Locations

Teams will train two nights a week on Arlington area fields beginning in mid-late June through the end of the season in mid-August. The complete practice schedule will not be available until mid-late May.

Games will begin in mid-late June and end by mid-August. The regular season will consist of 8-10 matches depending on the division and the age group. The game schedule will not be available until late May and will be communicated once it is finalized. 

Game schedules vary every year so if you have a returning player please be aware that the 2019 schedule may not reflect the same number of games or timing as prior years.

North American Finals
For age groups 2006 (U13) and older, the total point leader within the division, as well as the appropriate number of bid allocations per division, will culminate the season with the Super Y League North American Finals in mid-December in Florida. Teams that receive a bid are REQUIRED to attend.