Jawed Sanie

Coaching Philosophy

My philosophy as a coach is twofold. First, I believe that a coach needs to be a positive role model—to demonstrate respect for team members, opponents, referees, parents, spectators, and opposing coaches. Furthermore, a coach should be dedicated and trustworthy. The second part of my philosophy is based on my extensive experience as a youth coach. When coaching young players, a coach has to have a good understanding of the players on his/her team. More specifically, a coach has to recognize that children and players are not defined by chronological age only. They mature and develop at their own pace. A coach should treat each person as an individual. Not all of the players will be participating for the same reason. A coach needs to recognize this and support each player in achieving individual goals—which I strive to do.


Coaching Licenses

  • Advanced National Diploma—NSCAA (Equivalent to “B” License)

  • USSF “C” License

  • USSF “D” License


Top Coaching Accomplishments

  • Director of Player Development for Arlington Soccer Association — 2009/2010

  • Arlington Soccer Association Coach of the Year Award — 2009

  • State Cup Champion-U17 Boys — 2009


Playing Experience

  • Radford University Men’s Soccer

  • Lake Braddock Secondary School

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