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College Visits

College Visit Checklist

You only have one chance to make a first impression once.  Do you research and prepare for the visit?  Learn as much as you can about the school and the program.  Dress Code should be Smart Casual.

  • Schedule an appointment with an admissions officer or College Coach
  • Schedule an appointment with the financial aid officer. Very Important to see what your scholarship and out of pocket cost will be.
  • Schedule an appointment with the soccer coach(s)- Have a list of questions that you want to ask.
  • Bring/Send your Player Resume and any video footage that you may have.
  • Schedule a campus tour. Admissions or coaches(s) will bring you on a full tour of the campus.
  • Research every aspect of the school before your visit- Athletics, Academics, and Financial.
  • Bring an unofficial high school transcript
  • While on campus, sit in on several classes
  • Eat at the campus dining hall. Preferably with current players so you can ask questions and get a feel for what they are like.
  • Find out about what activities and events are going on
  • Check out facilities: library, student center, dorms, etc.
  • Talk to students and find out what they like about the school and what they don't like

Questions for College Coach

Below are some example questions to ask a college coach - you should have your own list before your visit so that you make sure you get all your answers while on the visit. Think of the visit as an interview.

  • How many players do you keep on the roster?  How many players travel with the team to away games?
  • What position will I play and who am I competing against for this position?
  • Do you see me as a starter or role player?
  • What are your favorite things about my playing style?
  • Will I be redshirted my first year?
  • What expectations do you have for training and conditioning?
  • What is your coaching style?
  • How many seniors are graduating?
  • Do I require medical insurance? If so, is it provided by the school?
  • If I am seriously injured while competing, who is responsible for my medical expenses?
  • What are your academic expectations for each player?
  • Do you have a fitness plan for players over the summer?
  • What does the fall and spring season look like for players?
  • What times of the day do training sessions occur?

Questions for Admission Staff

Below are some sample questions to ask the admissions staff at the college.

  • What percentage of students’ athletes graduate? What percentage of soccer players graduate?
  • What is the team's current grade point average?
  • How good is the department you want to study? How many students are in the department? What credentials do faculty members hold? What are graduates of the program doing post-study?
  • What academic support programs are available to student-athletes?
  • If you have a diagnosed disability, what kind of academic services are available?
  • How many credit hours should I take in and out of the season?
  • Are there restrictions in scheduling classes around practice?
  • Is summer school available? If I need to take summer school, will it be paid for or an additional cost?
  • What is a typical day for a student-athlete?
  • What are the resident’s halls like?
  • Do student-athletes have to live on campus?
  • How much financial aid is available for both academic year and summer school? What does your scholarship cover?
  • How long does my scholarship last?
  • What are my opportunities for employment as a student?
  • Exactly how much will the athletic scholarship be? What exactly will be covered? What exactly do I need to cover?
  • Are there academic criteria tied to maintaining my scholarship?
  • Will be scholarship be honored if there is a coaching change?

College Pathway Process (CPP)

30 Minute Hit

30 Minute Hit

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