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Arlington Soccer Joins ECNL Regional League for 2021-2022 Seasonal Year

April 26, 2021:

Arlington Soccer is excited to announce travel program enhancements for the 2021-2022 seasonal year. The Arlington Soccer U11 - U19 (2011 - 2003) Red teams will be participating in the ECNL Regional League beginning in 2021-2022 . The participation in this league will unite our Academy program and Red teams under the ECNL Umbrella.  

The ECNL Regional League provides a platform and pathway to high-level competition in Virginia while offering opportunities for play regionally and nationally.  The ECNL Regional League has an extensive presence in the Northern Virginia area which will allow teams more local games.  More details about the league and the division structure will be shared shortly.  This change will align our regional and national platform under ECNL - the premier youth soccer league organization in the country.  

The U9 and U10  (2012 and 2013) Red and White teams, and the U11 - U19 (2011-2003) White teams, will participate in the National Capital Soccer League (NCSL), one of the largest and most established leagues in the area.  This league will provide the teams with an excellent level of competition while providing families visibility into scheduling so they can proactively manage their time.  

In summary, Arlington Soccer announces the following league participation for our teams for the 2021-2022 seasonal year:

U13 - U19 Boys and Girls Academy Teams:  Elite Clubs National League (ECNL)
U11 - U19 Boys and Girls Red Teams:  ECNL Regional League (ECNL-RL)
All Other Travel Teams:  National Capital Soccer League (NCSL)

ECNL Regional FAQ

(these will be updated as more information becomes available)

What is an ECNL Regional League?
ECNL Regional Leagues are operated and managed by the ECNL to ensure a consistent environment and level of professionalism across all leagues. Each league allows improved coordination and collaboration between teams of different levels within ECNL clubs, or opportunity for teams and players in other clubs to develop through regular high level competition.
In which ECNL Regional League will Arlington Soccer participate?
Arlington Soccer will participate in the VPSL.  The VPSL was founded in 2018, specifically for clubs with national programming and is licensed to manage the ECNL Regional League - Virginia.  It aims to provide a high level of competition and a professional, player-centric environment designed to enhance player development at all levels. With the goal to be at the forefront of player development, the league provides enhanced flexibility within age groups and playing opportunities for larger player pools while increasing competitiveness.
Which Arlington Soccer teams will be participating in the ECNL Regional League?  The Arlington Soccer Red teams will participate in the ECNL Regional League.
What clubs are represented in this league?
Current list of Clubs: 
Arlington Soccer
Beach FC
Fredericksburg FC
Great Falls Reston
Prince William Courage
Richmond Kickers
Richmond Strikers
Tidewater Sharks
Virginia Legacy
What is the level of play of these teams?
All of these clubs will be fielding their top non-ECNL team in this league. 
How much will teams travel to play games in the league?
The full game schedule is still in development but due to the geographic location of the member clubs, the amount of travel for an Arlington team should be somewhat reduced as compared to past years.
What about the operations of the league?
The league will provide a club schedule with set game dates that should better help families plan their schedules, as well as well-established protocols and procedures.
What additional opportunities will be provided by this league?  
The league provides additional showcase opportunities, as well as State Cup, Regionals and Showcase opportunities.


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