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   Dynamic Warm-Up:    Mini-band x2:
   Jog x2    Lateral Walk
   Toe Touches    Diagonal Walk Forward
   Knee Hugs    Diagonal Walk Backward
   Airplanes    Forward Jab Step
   Quad and Reach    Backward Jab Step
   Open the Gates
   Close the Gates    Rapid Response:
   Bench Slides    Snapdown/Fast Feet/Sprint/Breakdown
   World's Greatest    Snapdown/22's/Sprint/Breakdown
   Inchworms    Snapdown/Pogos/Sprint/Breakdown
   Schoolyard Skips    Snapdown/In and Outs/Sprint/Breakdown
   A Skips    Snapdown/Lateral Hops/Sprint/Breakdown
   Lateral A Skips
   Skips for Height
   Diagonal Shuffles Forward
   Diagonal Shuffles Backward








Game Re-Entry

   5-10 yards: 


   Shuffle/Shuffle/Sprint x1 each way 

   Rapid Response- Fast Feet/Sprint 

   Rapid Response- 22's/Sprint

   Rapid Response- Lateral Hops x1 each way






Cool Down

   Bent Hamstring

   x8 each leg


   x15 seconds each

   Frog Stretch

   x30 seconds

   Right Groin

   x30 seconds

   Left Groin

   x30 seconds

   Hip Flexor Right Leg

   x30 seconds

   Hip Flexor Left Leg

   x30 seconds

   Half-Kneeling Right Hamstring

   x30 seconds

   Half-Kneeling Left Hamstring

   x30 seconds

   Right Foot and Knee

   x30 seconds

   Left Foot and Knee

   x30 seconds

   Push Up Position Right Calf Stretch

   x15 seconds each

   Push Up Position Left Calf Stretch

    x15 seconds each






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