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Sophomore Year

  • Learn the basics in recruiting, so you know what to expect from coaches and how and when you can communicate with them. Start here with College Fit Finder 
  • Begin contacting college coaches of schools you’re interested in and sending them your team’s schedules through College Fit Finder
  • Make a highlight video of yourself playing, ensure that it is professionally crafted, and upload it to your College Fit Finder profile.
  • Attend college campuses and college games so you know which programs are realistic for you to attend.
  • Stay on track academically and keep up your grades to increase the number of college options.
  • Start to think about what you want to study and use College Fit Finder to find schools that offer a possible match.
  • If your school offers it, you can take your PSAT in October. Speak to your high school counselor about this.
  • Make a list of things that are important to you in a college and begin attending college fairs.
  • This could include school size, location, urban or rural setting, academics offered, athletic level (NCAA D1, D2, D3, etc) and family connections to certain schools.
  • Attend an Arlington college seminar and attend a college night at your school, if offered.

College Pathway Process (CPP)



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