Equipment Coordinator

Teams should budget for and purchase the following:

  • Several Game Balls, Ball bag (under $10 for net bag), pump/needles.  Home teams are typically responsible for providing the game balls.
    • Note: CCL (league) provides each CCL/CCL2 team with one (1) game ball for the year. It will be given to your coach.  
  • Well-stocked First Aid Kit  
  • Extra Uniform Kit

Optional items to purchase:

  • Team Equipment Bag (duffel, rolling backpack, etc.)
  • Tents/Portable Soccer Bench/Sport-Brella
    • These items can be purchased at a local sporting goods store or online company (i.e., Watch for the end of summer sales.
  • Small Cooler

Teams should keep a well-stocked Equipment bag. HERE are some ideas of what to tuck into your team’s bag.

Items purchased for the team should be paid for by money in your team account. Please be sure to add all these items to your team budget.

Expense Reimbursement Form