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Travel Program Matching Grant Information and Application - 2020

As part of the Financial Aid budget, the Arlington Soccer Travel Program Committee oversees its “Matching Grant Program, which has been offered when possible to help teams with financial hardships and in extenuating circumstances. Some examples of bases for submitting an application include, but are not limited to: 

1) covering the cost of a tournament entry fee

2) assistance in covering team fees or club fees for a player in need, or 

3) assistance covering travel costs for teams. 

The Matching Grant Program is designed to encourage teams in these circumstances to conduct fundraising activities and assists the teams by covering part of their team fees through a grant that matches their funds raised through the fundraising activities on a “dollar-for-dollar” basis (to the extent that program funds are available).  Please click on the link above to review the info and submit your team's application if you are interested.  Due March 15, 2020.


Arlington Soccer Travel Manager Information


Thank you so much for all you do for your team.  Please read the info below, but please never hesitate to email info@arlingtonsoccer.com with any questions.  The Arlington Soccer Operations Staff is here to help you!

Most Importantly:  Please - Delegate.  Don't try and do this all yourself.  By giving a job to each family on the team, you help build team unity and support. 


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