Age Group: 15U - Tier 3

Age group:  15U Blue/Black Team              Tier:  3

There will be one Tier 3 team in each age group and gender.

The information shown is subject to change.  Please consult your coach for up to date information.


Teams will play in the following Leagues

  • NCSL


Head Coach Qualifications & Experience 

Head Coach Qualifications & Experience can be found on our website here.


Required commitments for being on this team

Teams in this tier typically train two days a week.  A third day of training may be offered at an additional fee.

The Travel Soccer Commitment letter can be found by clicking on our website.  All players and parents should be aware of the commitment required for this team.  The team will participate in the following events: 



Teams in these age groups and tier level can expect to play 2-4 tournaments over the soccer year.  A spreadsheet will be provided to your coach and manager with events.  Teams can expect most events to be local but an event could be out of the area and require a hotel stay.  Events can be subject to change as needed.


Winter Activities

This team will practice through the winter. This may involve indoor foot skills training, indoor/outdoor team practices and futsal.   Additional event or training with approval of coach and AGD (possible cost).


Arlington Soccer Program Fees

Initial deposit can be paid via credit card, cash or check. Initial deposit must be paid within 48 hours of an offer on a team.  Details regarding club fees can be found on our website under travel.


Total Estimated Cost to Play Travel Soccer

Age Group

Birth Years

Travel Program Fees

Payment #1

Down Payment

Due within 48 hours

 of offer


#2 – #6

Due the 1st of the month Aug – Dec






Tier 3 - Blue and Black Team $1,850 $300 $310

Additional Fees:

     Estimated team fees (per player) based on a 17 player roster


     Estimated Uniform Cost - this is year ONE of a two-year uniform cycle.
     All (new and returning) Arlington Soccer travel players will need to purchase uniforms.


Total Estimated Fees:  $2,450 - 2,650

Deposits are due 48 hours after offer are sent to players.  Registration and payment of the deposit will signal to our coaching staff that the offer to play for Arlington Soccer has been accepted.  No other notification is required as coaches will have access to these lists.  Deposits are not refundable and payment by credit card is preferred.

Fees are divided into club fees and team fees and vary based on age group and team.


  • Arlington County charges an annual user fee - $16 per player ($40 per player for non-resident players). This annual user fee will be collected in the initial payment.
  • Teams fees are not included in the club fees. Team fees are unique to each team and vary by age group, team color and tournaments played. Team fees are paid to the team.
  • Tier 2 & 3 players are eligible to attend Tier 1 skills training sessions for an additional fee.
  • Club fees are payable by credit card, cash, money order or check.
  • Late Fees: A $25 non-refundable, late fee for payments received past the due date.
  • Refund Policy
  • What's Included (Club and Team Fees)


Financial Aid

The Financial aid applications and information are posted on the website.


Team Meeting Information

Arlington Soccer will hold a mandatory meeting for the parents of players offered a spot on the team.  This meeting will occur shortly after tryouts (1-3 weeks).