Uniforms & Ordering Information

Uniform Goal

Arlington Soccer Association strives to project a professional image. The club uniform plays an integral part in the forging of club identity and in building both a sense of community and of pride in the organization. This can only be accomplished if all travel teams wear the designated club uniform so that no matter what the age group, no matter what the occasion, the team can be readily identified as representing the Arlington Soccer. This underscores the fact that we are a single club that exists to support and encourage its members.

Practice Uniform

All travel soccer players will wear a standardized practice uniform. Director of Travel Coaching, German Peri, is excited about the cohesive look for all travel players. “Wearing a standardized training uniform serves several purposes; eliminating distractions on decisions about practice apparel, instills a level of club pride with every player wearing the same ARLINGTON gear and when each player dons their ARLINGTON practice gear they will know they have the responsibility to keep their focus, discipline, effort, and attitude at the level expected by Arlington Soccer.” says German.

The travel soccer practice uniform consists of any one of the following:


  • Grey ARLINGTON cotton tee
  • Grey ARLINGTON cotton and adidas polyester tees from previous seasons
  • Grey ARLINGTON jersey

Adidas royal blue (any style Adidas royal blue shorts including last year’s and this year’s uniform shorts)

Any style Adidas royal blue socks including last year’s and this year’s uniform socks.  Many travel players currently own all of the above items and no additional purchase will be needed. For those who would like to order practice gear items there are several options:

  • To order either the first or second shirt listed above or the current uniform shorts & socks please click on the EUROSPORT Ordering link. Select “Local Club” in the top right corner pull-down menu, then select player’s team and player. The player’s custom ordering screen will appear and an order can be placed.
  • To purchase Adidas royal blue socks and shorts that are not this year’s uniform style visit Eurosport’s retail website (soccer.com) and shop from their many items including a selection of sale items.
  • Other sports apparel websites and local retail vendors also sell Adidas shorts and socks in royal blue.

Uniform Kit Information and Requirements
The 2018-2019 soccer year is YEAR TWO in the club’s two-year travel uniform cycle. New Arlington Soccer travel players for the 2018-2019 year will need to order a uniform kit by late June 2018 to wear for the Fall 2018 season.

For additional information about the Travel Soccer Uniform Program Please Read:

Ordering the Travel Soccer Uniform Kit
Eurosport, known better as Soccer.com, is the official distributor of travel soccer uniforms. Once your players’ team is finalized your team uniform coordinator will set up team player information in the online Eurosport (soccer.com) ordering system. Once this step is complete families will receive an email from Eurosport asking them to place their uniform order. Two things to remember, 1) players cannot place uniforms orders until their team is set and team uniforms coordinators have set up the team in the online ordering system and 2) please remember that the uniform ordering deadline is July 3rd. Uniforms orders received after this date will take longer to process and might not be ready prior to your team’s first game. Website access is not available to the public; the special ordering link contains a cookie to access the Eurosport Arlington Soccer Association site. Each player/parent must enter the system through this special link in order to gain access to the Eurosport Arlington Soccer site. **It is very important that the site custserv@sportsendeavors.com be added to your email safe list as this will be the Eurosport address that the order link will come from.

What phone number do I call if I have a question?

I didn’t get the email.
Please check your SPAM filter and add custserv@sportsendeavors.com to your safe list so that you receive future emails.  If it isn’t there, please give your name, team name, club name and email address to the customer service representative and they will be able to resend your invitation.

Answers to Other Common Questions can be found here:

Travel Uniform Fitting Events
All new Arlington Soccer Travel Soccer Team players for the 2018-2019 year need to purchase a uniform kit.  Your player can attend one of the club’s uniform fitting events. At the fitting event will be uniform kit items along with warm-ups, backpacks and practice t-shirts for players to try on.

Fitting Event Date and Location:  ALL FITTING NIGHTS HAVE CONCLUDED.  

I could not make it to, or I missed a fitting night.  What should I do? 
If you were unable to attend the session, check the sizing ordered by other teammates similar in size to your son or daughter.

What should the player wear to the fitting?
Anything comfortable that will facilitate fittings. We will not have private areas available other than a restroom – and restroom space is very, very limited. For these reasons, we suggest girls wear sports bras, compression tops, compression shorts, one-piece bathing suit or one piece dance leotard. For boys, we suggest wearing compression shorts.

Contact your team uniform coordinator. If they are unable to answer a question they will contact the club uniform coordinator.

Travel Uniform Kit Pieces Available for Purchase

Travel Uniform Pieces for Sale 
The club is selling Adidas uniform pieces. These items are NEW that were purchased and delivered in the wrong size or number. To purchase email Dave Berver. Payment is via check (made out to ASA), credit card or exact cash.

All available items are listed below and are removed from the page once they are sold.

Don’t see what you need here on the list?
Go to Eurosport’s custom ASA ordering portal. Using the pull-down menu in the top left corner, select your player’s team name and then select the player. Their custom ordering page will appear. In addition, you can visit the Eurosport retail site (soccer.com) to search for and purchase items such as practice shorts and socks. As long as the shorts/socks are Adidas in royal blue they can be worn for practice. Be sure and check out the sale items on soccer.com.

Tiro 17 Game Jerseys

YOUTH - $46.00

Youth Large - 66

Adult XS (extra small) - 38
Adult Small - 13, 13, 13, 38
Adult Medium - 17, 17

Youth Medium - 19, 19, 19
Youth Large - 30, 30, 30, 66, 66

Adult XS (extra small) - 38
Adult Small - 31, 31, 31, 38
Adult Medium - 17, 17

Adult Small - 1, 55
Adult Medium - 9
Adult Large - 1, 22, 55

Adult Small - 1, 1, 29, 29, 29
Adult Medium - 48, 48
Adult Large - 1, 9, 55, 55

Tastigo 17 Game Shorts


Womens Adult 2XS (double extra small)

Womens Adult 2XS (double extra small)

Youth Medium
Youth Large

Copa Zone Cushion III Socks


Adult Small

Adult Medium (4 pair)

100% Cotton Grey ARLINGTON T-Shirts

$10.00 each

Adult Extra Large (2)
Adult Medium (2)
Adult Small (2)

Youth Extra Large (2)

100% Polyester Grey ARLINGTON T-Shirts (NOT Adidas)

$10.00 each

Adult Large (4)

Black CCL Warm-Up Shirts

$27.00 each

Youth Large

Womens Adult Medium

To purchase email Dave Berver indicating item (and size) desired. Payment is via check (made out to ASA), credit card or cash.