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Arlington Soccer welcomes new partner Pitch Invaders

Apparel company will sponsor new Player of the Month award

Arlington Soccer welcomes new partner Pitch Invaders

ARLINGTON, Va. – The Arlington Soccer Association is excited to welcome Pitch Invaders as a new community partner.

Founded by Arlington resident Tory Key, Pitch Invaders is an apparel company that is cultivating a grassroots culture by forging partnerships with local soccer organizations and promoting the sport.

“We are thrilled to welcome Pitch Invaders to our family of community partners,” Arlington Soccer Executive Director Frank DeMarco said. “Tory’s passion for soccer and desire to grow the game is obvious the minute you talk to him. We are excited to partner with Pitch Invaders and for them to serve as the sponsor of our new Arlington Soccer Player of the Month award.”

Led by its motto of “The Pitch is for the People,” Pitch Invaders is committed to inclusivity, aiming to establish a community of both current and future soccer fans. Beginning in January 2024, Pitch Invaders will serve as the title sponsor of Arlington Soccer’s new Player of the Month award, which will recognize any rec, ADP, travel player in the club.

Pitch Invaders is excited to partner with Arlington Soccer,” Pitch Invaders Founder and CEO Tory Key said. “Expanding the sport in the U.S and helping local soccer organizations grow are two of our main goals. Our slogan is: The Pitch is for the People; and Arlington Soccer embodies that through its inclusivity and opportunity."

About Pitch Invaders

Pitch Invaders is an American-based apparel company born out of a shared love for the sport that knows no boundaries – soccer – also known as the beautiful game. We understand the thrill of those last-minute goals, the joy of victory, and the camaraderie that unites players and fans worldwide. As fervent enthusiasts of soccer, we are deeply committed to fostering the growth and prosperity of the sport within the United States. Learn more at www.pitchinvadersusa.com.

About Arlington Soccer Association

Founded in 1970, Arlington Soccer is a non-profit association that provides soccer programs for youth of all abilities, backgrounds and financial means in Arlington and surrounding communities. The club develops players, coaches, volunteers and staff, with an enduring commitment to teamwork and community. We offer a broad curriculum to more than 9,000 children per year in a wide variety of programs, including recreational, developmental and travel along with camps, clinics and community-based programs.

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