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The purpose and mission of ADP is to develop, administer and promote a program providing Arlington area youths with the opportunity to acquire and develop soccer skills through higher levels of competition and greater coaching expertise in a professional training environment.

In the Fall of 2013 Arlington Soccer launched ADP.  ADP is positioned between the Rec and Travel programs in the range of soccer programs offered by Arlington Soccer.

The program has the following goals:

  • To provide boys & girls with soccer playing opportunities where the focus is skill development and game understanding in a professional training environment
  • To group players of similar abilities together for practice sessions and matches
  • To offer recreational players increased access to professional coaching, as well as supplement the training they receive on their recreational teams

This program provides players with an opportunity to focus on technical and tactical development in a professional training environment with less commitment, money, travel, and time than travel soccer.  It provides a higher level of playing and training than the rec program by grouping players of similar abilities during the week in training and during the weekend in matches while being observed and trained by professional and volunteer coaches.  The players’ social, physical and cognitive development are the priorities each season - not match results.

ADP provides a quality soccer experience for U9, U10 and U11 boys and girls.  The ADP Director, as well as the professional and volunteer coaches, work with each team during the fall and spring to provide an enjoyable learning environment through ten weeks of scheduled practices and eight weekend matches.

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