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With some 6,500 players participating each Fall and Spring in league play, the Recreational soccer program is the cornerstone of Arlington Soccer. Players register and are placed on teams within one of our twelve neighborhood soccer clubs, based on elementary school enrollment or geographical location. The Recreational program provides quality soccer experiences for players, both boys and girls, from kindergarten through high school age. Anyone of any ability and level of income is welcome to participate. Parents and other volunteers coach the teams to provide a fun and educational environment through scheduled practices and games. Equal playing time is guaranteed and all players are welcome!

What are the dates of the season?
The fall season typically runs from September through mid-November
The spring season typically runs from April through mid-June

What ages can play Rec soccer?
We organize the Rec league by grade level. Rec soccer is open to all kindergarten through the high school ages permitted by VYSA (in 2023-24, the oldest birth year is 2005). If your child is between the ages of three through pre-school, they may be eligible to play in Arlington Soccer's Mini Soccer program

Can I play on a Travel team and a Rec team in the same season?

Through 4th grade, players can participate in both programs at the same time as per the limits on this chart. Arlington Soccer does not allow travel players to play on Rec teams in the same season for grades 5 and older.

Can I play on an ADP team and a Rec team in the same season?

Yes, however for all grades and ages the combined number of Travel and ADP players cannot exceed half the total number of players. For example, on a team of 11 players, there could be up to a combined total of 5 ADP and/or Travel players; for a team of 12 players, there could be a combined total of up to 6.

How are teams formed?
Arlington Soccer attempts to place players on teams based on elementary school enrollment, when possible. If a player cannot be placed on a team from their school, then they are generally placed on a team in the same general geographic location in Arlington.

How often do teams practice?
Teams generally practice once a week, with some older teams deciding to practice twice a week. However, the vast majority of teams only practice once per week for an hour after regular school hours.

Where/when will my child's team practice?
We try to assign practice space to teams based on the geographical makeup of their team. However, exact practice locations and times are decided by the team coach and this can vary across teams.

When are games?
Games are normally played on Saturdays during the season, with the occasional Sunday afternoon game when needed. 

How do I get a uniform?
Please visit the Uniform Information page for more info about Rec uniforms.

What are the game formats?
Kindergarten: 4v4, no goalkeepers
1st/2nd Grade: 4v4, no goalkeepers
3rd/4th Grade: 7v7
5th/6th Grade: 9v9
7th/8th/High School: 11v11

What are the costs?

Registration for Rec is usually just over $100, plus an Arlington County parks use fee. Additionally, players need to purchase a jersey (generally $20-25), shin-guards and if possible a ball. Socks are required and must cover the shin-guards. Cleats are recommended but are not required.

Does my child qualify for Financial Aid?

We offer a reduced fees for players who qualify for Financial Aid. Players who receive Free/reduced Lunch, SNAP/TANF or Medicaid benefits, Families who qualify for the Arlington County Parks and Recreation Fee Reduction are eligible for Financial Aid. Families must provide valid(not expired) supporting documentation. Click here to view the list of valid documents.

If your child is on Free or Reduced Lunch, please submit that proof to qualify.  The discount for financial aid recipients is $62.

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