Travel Team Tryout - 2020-2021 Seasonal Year

Due to the current situation, formal team tryouts for the 2020-2021 seasonal year will be canceled.

Players born in 2012 or 2013 are encouraged to register for tryouts here.  The technical staff for the age group will be in touch with opportunities to meet the staff and future options for training and assessment.

Players in other age groups who are interested in the Arlington Soccer Travel Program should complete this interest form.

For more information, please feel free to reach out to the Age Group Director for your child's birth year.


Tryout Overview

Please visit the tabs on the left menu to read about the tryout process, to view the tryout schedule, and to register. 

ALL players must register at least 48 hours prior to tryouts.  

Arlington Soccer Association's travel program is geared toward growing and developing premier level teams and players. The professional coaches and staff strive to provide the highest quality soccer program.  Our commitment to players is for the full soccer year and we expect players to make the same full-year commitment in return.  Please review the time and financial commitment in our commitment agreement.

Arlington Soccer holds open tryouts by age-group in the spring to form teams for the next soccer year (fall and spring). The goal of these tryouts is the selection of players for all travel teams within Arlington Soccer.  Each player who is selected and accepts a spot with Arlington Soccer will pay a club fee. This player fee covers all travel coach and staff salaries, league and referee, portions of the administrative expenses, State and National registration fees, player insurance, player development programs and other travel program expenses. Additionally, players will pay team fees for team expenses (tournaments, coach travel, team equipment, team socials and other team activities).